Mark Jefferies - International air display pilot

Welcomes you to a bit of "old news" below you will find various newspaper clippings and articles relating to Mark Jefferies from years gone by.

Aerobatic Profile of Mark Jefferies 2008  or from earlier times and contest results over the years

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First contest flight in the UK with the Extra 330SC results in a WIN !

Tom and Mark are members of the British Team that will compete at the World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone in August. Both are world class pilots and put in four flights during the day that demonstrated some very impressive technical flying skills. Mark impressed the judges the most in the Q Programme, to replica watches uk establish a lead in the Nathaniel Alony Trophy.

The Unlimited pilots flew next, twice in succession, because they wanted to notch-up four flights in the day ?a punishing schedule of Unlimited level flights, but both pilots wanted to make the most of the opportunity for critiqued flights overhead the airfield.

TomƲee Programme was hot off the press ?drawn in the contest office (pre-agreed with the Scoring Director) that morning. Both Tom and Mark were at an early stage of working-up their free programmes for WAC and were still experimenting with different structures, trying to find a sequence design that capitalised on swiss replica watches their own piloting strengths, but also allowing each figure to be positioned optimally within the aerobatic box. Mark won the Free Programme to extend his lead in the Unlimited contest.

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Google Video 2008 Aero-GP at Blackpool UK, 4 mins free style air to air and in cockpit filming

Mark flying the best fighter a/c from WW2









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